Velebit mountain, Jadovno station weather report and web camera

Date: 29.06.22, Time: 14:05
Outside Temperature: 26.4 °C
Wind speed: 2.7 m/s
Wind direction: SSW
Daily Rain: 0.0 mm
Monthly Rain: 31.2 mm
Rain rate: 0.0 mm/hr
Barometer: 1012.9 hPa
3-Hour Barometer Trend: Steady
Current Moon Phase: New Moon
Weather Forecast created by station software: Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

Location: Croatia, Velebit mountain, Middle Velebit, Jadovno valley.
Elevation: 798 m over the sea level.
On line uploads for public: each day AM 6:30 to PM 6:00 (time zone: UTC + 01:00).
Basic weather and web camera data upload frequency: 15-30 minutes.

Web camera photo (click on image to increase the size):


Velebit, Jadovno weather station data & plots:

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