Profil slikaTakeadventure web site includes more than hundred mountain bike routes and is for sure one of the largest collection of MTB routes in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. All published routes can be sorted and selected according to location, technical difficulty, elevation gain and other criteria. Each description of the cycling route includes Google Earth map, elevation profile, GPS tracklog, photo gallery and more. Despite I published cycling & some hiking routes in good faith I cannot take any responsibility about provided data. Be aware the most of my MTB routes are intended for experienced riders only! Take all my routes at your own risk!

Few  words about me:

Name: Miroslav Marić,

Education: MSc. E. E,

Country: Croatia.


• I like to hike and ride in the mountains on all trails out of the paved roads,

• I like to listen and follow the rules of the nature,

• My favorite rides are solo XC & AM for exploring purposes (virgin rides),

• Free time: photo (Miroslav Photography), video, cartography, hiking and MTB.

Some of my MTB references:

• 2006 first documented ride to The peak of Croatia (Sinjal),

• 2007 first documented ride to The peak of Velebit mountain,

• 2009 the ride on Orjen in memory to the father of MTB. In 2009 I discovered and published the story about Vjekoslav Novotni.

• 2011 first documented ride to The peak of Republic of Kosovo,

• 2012 the collection of all Balkan state peaks (Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, BulgariaCroatia, Greece, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia) located on Balkan peninsula was finished.


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