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Pakrac - Brezovo Polje

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The ride on Psunj mountain

Area name: Psunj mountain
Date of the ride: 20-Apr-2008
Length (km): 89.7
Elevation gain (m): 1940
Technical difficulty: ●●


The section and crossroad near Vodostaj stream.
The junction near Vodostaj
The route Pakrac - Brezovo Polje is situated on Psunj mountain in the east area of Croatia. Near Pakrac city there are many MTB trails supported by riders from BK Titan club. Some of the trails near Omanovac Hut and Kalvarija area are built for freeriders. This mountain bike route are created for easy and long XC ride. The route can give you a brief overview of Psunj mountain. Most of the sections are on unpaved roads and few of them are on carriageways. The peak of Psunj is situated in the area named Brezovo Polje. The peak is at the elevation point of 945m over the see level. Despite rainy days there are no muddy sections. The trail passes near the labeled mine fields. In the mine field area don't ride off the road, just follow the labels and warning signs near the trail. It’s safe.

Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Pakrac.

Description of MTB route

Omanovac Hut
Omanovac Hut
The starting point of the mountain bike route is the square in Pakrac city. From the square proceed on the labeled road to Šeovica village. In the village on the crossroad near the grave yard keep the south east course and proceed on the paved road to the saddle near area named Begovača. At the saddle there is the junction. Just proceed straight on unpaved road and on the next junction turn left following the unpaved section along Rogoljica stream. The next junction is situated in area named Petkovača. Proceed straight for Velika Poljana plateau. There are ruins of the hut on the plateau and meadows. From the ruins of the Velika Poljana Hut go back 1 km and there is the junction with the labeled hiking singletrack and carriageway across the forest for Petkovača. Just near the Petkovača pass the stream and proceed straight on the carriageway for Brezovo Polje. On the next crossroad turn right on unpaved road. After around 5km you will reach the spring of drinking water and the resting place named Široki Brijeg. Proceed straight. The unpaved road turns into carriageway and when you reach the mine field label turn sharp left and proceed on the carriageway along the stream. On some very short sections the stream ruins the carriageway. At the next crossroad turn right and
The section near the stream
proceed on the unpaved road along the Vodostaj stream. On all next junctions keep the ride on main unpaved road and follow the labels for Psunj or Brezovo Polje. At the junction before Brezovo Polje turn right and after about 3,5 km you will reach Brezovo Polje area and Psunj radio relay station too. From the peak ride back on the same trail until you reach the junction on the saddle near Begovača. Turn right and proceed on the carriageway for Omanovac Hut. From the hut you can get a nice view on the valley with Lipik and Pakrac cities. From Omanovac Hut thera are many trails for Pakrac but this route goes back using the same way to the  saddle near Begovača. From the saddle ride back via Šeovica village and you are back to Pakrac city. For more details check  Interactive Map and Photo Gallery of the route.

Notes & references

The route can be planed for all seasons. Before the ride check the snow conditions.


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