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Orebić - Sv Ilija

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Area name: Pelješac peninsula
Country: HR
Date of the ride: 26-Apr-2012
Length (km): 30.0
Elevation gain (m): 1020
Technical difficulty: ●●●●●


| Elevation profile | Map | GPS tracklog | Photo Gallery of the route |


The view from Sv Ilija
The view from Sv Ilija

MTB route Orebić - Sv Ilija is situated on Pelješac peninsula. Orebić municipality is the tourist center of Pelješac. Sv Ilija at elevation of 961 meters over the sea level is the highest peak of Pelješac. Due to steep ascent and rocky trail count to hike most of the time from the end of the carriageway section to Sv Ilija peak. The most of downhill section of the route is placed on the rocky singletrack. The downhill section near Sv Ilija peak is for hiking only and on the rest of sections risky AM ride is possible. Take enough water and avoid summer time!


Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Orebić.

Description of MTB route

The starting point of Orebić - Sv Ilija MTB mountain bike route is in the port of Orebić municipality. From Orebić proceed on the paved road to Lovište. After about 12.5 kilometers turn right on the labeled carriageway. Pass the ramp and keep the ride to the end of the carriageway. At the end of the carriageway there is a labeled junction. Proceed to hike on the steep and rocky path. The labeled singletrack leads straight to Sv Ilija peak. On the trail to the peak there are a resting place and a hut. Few hundred meters from Sv Ilija peak there is the sightseeing point. The first descent section leads near the hut and than on the next labeled junction turn left to Orebić. Risky AM ride is possible on about 70% of downhill sections. The complete trail is dry and rocky. Check below video for more details. Be careful and be warned the trail is used by hikers too! At the end of the rocky path turn left on the paved road, pass near the museum and proceed back to Orebić.


Video - Downhill section Sv Ilija - Orebić

MTB Sv Ilija - Orebic downhill from Miroslav Maric on Vimeo.


Notes and references

Best time for ride: winter, spring and fall. During summer time is very hot.

The opposite direction of the route isn't recommended.




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