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Gjeravica - The peak of Kosova

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Gjeravica mountain
Area name: Albanian Alps (Prokletije)
Country: RKS
Date of the ride: 15-Aug-2011
Length (km): 54.8
Elevation gain (m): 1960
Technical difficulty: ●●●●● 


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The singletrack
The singletrack

MTB route Gjeravica is situated in the south west part of Kosova on Gjeravica (croatian & serbian: Đeravica) mountain. Gjeravica belongs to the chain of Albanian Alps (croatian & serbian: Prokletije). Gjeravica peak at elevation of 2656 meters over the sea level is the highest elevation point of Kosova and second peak of Albanian Alps (Prokletije). The route starts from Deçan (croatian & serbian: Dečani) town. The ascent section is placed on the carriageway and singletrack sections. The final ascent section to the peak and the first descent section from the peak on the northern side of Gjeravica are for hiking only. No way to ride on these sections so be prepared to hike with the bike or leave the bike and cut & use the sections of the route. At higher elevation the trail is dry and rocky. At the elevations less than 1500 meters there are some muddy sections. Due to many unlabeled junctions the GPS unit with the uploaded route is a must for fast and safe navigation. The attached GPS tracklog includes the waypoints of the springs of the water.

Getting there: Europe, Republic of Kosova, Priština, Deçan (croatian & serbian: Dečani).

Description of MTB route

The starting point of Gjeravica (croatian & serbian Đeravica) MTB mountain bike route is in Deçan (croatian & serbian: Dečani) town. From Deçan proceed on the paved road to the west course. Turn left near the entrance to orthodox monastery Visoki Dečani. After few hundred meters the unpaved road turns into the carriageway. Keep the ride on the carriageway along the canyon of Ločanska Bistrica stream. Keep the ride on attached GPS tracklog. After few kilometers follows a short descent, pass Ločanska Bistrica stream and proceed on the steep and muddy carriageway. After few turns the carriageway proceeds to the west course. In Jodovo village turn right on the junction above the village and proceed on the carriageway to the west course. The carriageway is in very bad condition! After few unlabeled junctions the carriageway leads to the village below Junik mountain. Descend to the village and proceed on the steep ascent to the saddle and border line between Albania and Kosova. The carriageway turns into the steep singletrack for hiking only. After few turns the singletrack reaches the saddle where is a nice sightseeing point just at the border line. From the saddle proceed and ride on the singletrack to the north west course. The path leads to the glacial lake of Gjeravica. For about 1km before the lake starts a steep ascent for hiking only. Pass near the west coast of the lake and proceed to Gjeravica peak. Just few hundred meters before the peak on the saddle there are visible old hiking red/white labels on the stones. Follow them to the peak. From Gjeravica peak hike back to the saddle at elevation of 2550 meters and descend to the north east course. The next section of 1.5 kilometers of the descent is for hiking only. Do not leave the GPS tracklog. The path is not visible and loosing the trail can be dangerous. At the end of this section the washed red/white hiking labels will appear again. At the junction with the singletrack proceed to the north and than to the west course. Pass near the spring of the water and proceed to the next sightseeing points and the junction with the carriageway. Ride on the carriageway to the west course and descend from Gjeravica mountain to the canyon of Deçan Bistrica stream. The ruined & steep carriageway ends at the junction with the unpaved road. Proceed on the unpaved road along the canyon of Deçan Bistrica stream to the south east course. The trail ends back to Deçan town.

Notes and references

Best time for ride: August, September.

Due to unlabeled junctions and 100% unlabeled trail the GPS unit with the uploaded route is a must for fast and safe navigation.




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