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Brest - Orljak - Žbevnica

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The ascent to Zbevnica
Area name: Istria, peninsula
Country: HR
Date of the ride: 16-Jan-2011
Length (km): 51.2
Elevation gain (m): 1680
Technical difficulty: ●●




Krkuž village
Krkuž village

The trail Brest - Orljak - Žbevnica is situated in north Istria peninsula on Ćićarija mountain. There are many ups and downs and some of them are very steep so count to hike on some sections. Most of the trail is dry and rocky. The vantage points at Orljak and Žbevnica peaks are very nice for sightseeing. The trail leads through the small villages of Istria. Due to many unlabeled junctions the GPS unit with the uploaded route is a must for fast and safe navigation.

Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Rijeka, Lupoglav, Lanišće, Brest village

Description of MTB route

The starting point of the mountain bike route is Brest village. From Brest proceed to Lanišće and turn right at the labeled path to Trstenik village. The descent to Trstenik is rocky. In Trstenik proceed on the paved road back to Brest and after few hundred meters turn right on the unpaved road to Gomila saddle. From Gomila saddle proceed to the east course on the rocky carriageway. There are many unlabeled junctions so keep the ride on the GPS tracklog. After few ups and downs on the singletrack proceed on the unpaved road to the east course and than turn right on the hard visible labeled path to Orljak peak. The steep ascent leads to Orljak. From Orljak proceed to the south east. The steep descent leads to the unpaved road. Turn left on the unpaved road and proceed to the south east course again. After few hundred meters turn right  on the rocky carriageway that leads to Lanišće village. In Lanišće proceed on the paved road to the south east course, pass near the spring of water and after few kilometers turn right on the rocky carriageway that leads to the west course. Keep the ride to west, pass near the hunters hut and after few kilometers the steep down section leads to Krkuž village. From Krkuž proceed on the steep carriageway to the north west course back to Brest. In Brest village turn on the carriageway that leads to the north west course. The carriageway proceeds to the west side of Žbevnica peak. The final ascent is steep & labeled singltrack along the meadows. From Žbevnica ride back to Brest on the steep carriageway that leads to the east course. At the cross with the paved road turn right and descend back to Brest

Notes & references

The route is recommended during spring, summer and fall. GPS unit with the uploaded route is a must for fast and safe navigation. The route is designed by my friend Bobo.



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