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Smiljan - Jadovno

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The unpaved section

Area name: Velebit, Middle
Date of the ride: 08-Apr-2010
Length (km): 41.5
Elevation gain (m): 540
Technical difficulty: ●●


The birth house of N. Tesla
The birth house of N. Tesla
The most of the sections of the mountain bike route Smiljan - Jadovno are situated on Middle Velebit mountain. Smiljan village, the starting point of the mountain bike route is situated on the north side of Velebit mountain. In Smiljan village there is the birth house of Nikola Tesla who was the inventor and electrical engineer. The MTB route is fast & easy and mostly placed on the unpaved road. Due to many unlabeled junctions the GPS unit with the uploaded route is recommended for fast and safe navigation. The route can be combined with Jadovno - Baške Oštarije and Jadovno - Štirovača routes.
Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Gospić, Smiljan village. HTML clipboard

Description of MTB route

South Velebit
South Velebit mountain
The starting point of the MTB route is near the birth house and museum of Nikola Tesla in Smiljan village. Proceed on the paved road to the west course. After about 800 meters turn left on the carriageway. The carriageway leads to Trnovac village. In Trnovac village proceed on the paved road near the church  to Jadovno village. The ascent leads to Jadovno. In Jadovno village turn right and proceed on the unpaved road to the north west course. At the end of the valley the steep ascent leads to the ridge of the hill. Keep the ride on the unpaved road and after few turns the trail proceeds to the north west course. The short and steep descent section to Bužim valley is placed firstly on the carriageway and short singletrack. The singletrack ends at the junction with the unpaved road. Proceed to Bužim valley and than ride back to Smiljan on the unpaved road. Follow the GPS tracklog!
Notes & references

The route is recommended during spring, summer and fall. Due to many unlabeled junctions the GPS unit with the uploaded route is recommended for fast and safe navigation.

Velebit weather report link: Velebit, Jadovno weather station.

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