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Čemerno - Lebršnik

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The view to Zelengora

Area name: Lebršnik mountain
Country: BH
Date of the ride: 29-Oct-2009
Length (km): 14.4
Elevation gain (m): 500
Technical difficulty:


Čemerno village
Čemerno village
MTB route Čemerno - Lebršnik is situated on Lebršnik mountain in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The route is fast and very short. At the ridge there is the radio relay station. From the ridge you can get an amazing view on Gacko field and Volujak & Zelengora mountains. There are many visible caves at the south side of the ridge. The trail is dry and rocky. The route can be combined with Čemerno - Zelengora and Čemerno - Volujak routes.

Getting there: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo,  Foča, Tjentište, Čemerno village or coming from Croatia follow the direction Dubrovnik, Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko, Čemerno village.

Description of MTB route

The ride on the ridge
The ride on the ridge
The starting point of the route is Čemerno village. From the highway Tjentište - Gacko turn left in  Čemerno and proceed on the unpaved road to the south east course. After about 2km turn right and proceed to south west course. After about 1.1km turn right on the rocky carriageway. Pass near the spring of the water and after that the steep ascent leads along the west side of Lebršnik mountain. The ascent is very steep and some hiking is needed until the trail reach the south side of Lebršnik mountain. Keep left at the next junction and the trail leads straight to the radio relay station. In the neighborhood of the radio relay station you can get an amazing view  on Gacko field and Volujak & Zelengora mountains. For comeback I rode on the same trail.

Notes & references

The route is recommended during summer, late spring and fall.

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