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Zrmanja Vrilo - Poštak - Plavno

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The section near Postak mountain

Area name: Velebit, South (Zrmanja & Poštak)
Date of the ride: 25-Oct-2009
Length (km): 67.0
Elevation gain (m): 1520
Technical difficulty:


Rocky section
The rocky section
The mountain bike route Zrmanja Vrilo - Poštak - Plavno is situated between South Velebit and Kninska Dinara mountains. The trail is mostly placed on the rocky carriageway and unpaved roads. The hiking section on the east side of Poštak mountain is placed on the disused path. Due to the descent the hiking section is easy.  The route can be combined with Lisac route. Due to many unlabeled junctions and hiking section placed on the disused path GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for the safe and fast navigation.
Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Zrmanja Vrilo village. From the highway Gračac - Knin turn left to Zrmanja Vrilo village. It takes around 20-30 minutes from Gračac by car. HTML clipboard

Description of MTB route

Plavno village
Plavno village
The starting point of the route is Zrmanja Vrilo village. In the center of the village proceed on the unpaved road to the south east course. Pass the bridge over Zrmanja river and climb above Zrmanja valley. At the plateau turn left. Ride to the north near the railway trail Split - Zagreb. At the junction near Otrić village turn right and ride on the highway Knin - Gračac. After the short descent, pass the railway, leave the highway and turn right on the unpaved road. Climb to the west side of the Poštak mountain. The ascent ends with the junction, turn right and ride on the carriageway placed on the north side of Poštak mountain. Keep the ride to the east and than to the south courses. Leave the carriageway at the wide turn and proceed to the south course along the partly diused trail. The hiking is needed and this section is placed mostly on the descent along the forest and meadows. The hiking section is about 2.7km long ending with the rocky section. The singletrack ends near the junction and WWII monument. From WWII monument proceed on the carriageway to the south west course. The rocky carriageway descends to
Zrmanja river
Zrmanja river
Plavno plateau and village. At Plavno plateau turn right on the paved road and proceed to the south course. At the labeled junction turn right and proceed to Čupkovići village. Climb on the unpaved road to Čupkovići village. At the junction near the railway bridge turn right on the rocky carriageway. The trail leads to the west and than to the north course along the railway Split - Zagreb. At the junction on the plateau turn left and and than descend back to Zrmanja Vrilo village. To visit the springs of river Zrmanja proceed to the north east course. The springs of river Zrmanja are situated about 3km from Zrmanja Vrilo village.
Notes & references

The route is recommended during late Spring, Summer and Fall.  The route is not labeled. GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for the safe and fast navigation.

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