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Jadovno - Štirovača

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The view to Bačića Kuk cliffs from the trail

Area name: Velebit, Middle
Date of the ride: 22-Sep-2009
Length (km): 72.3
Elevation gain (m): 1110
Technical difficulty:


Štirovača valley
Štirovača valley
The mountain bike route Jadovno - Štirovača is situated in Middle Velebit area. Mostly placed on the rocky carriageway the route is fast and easy. Jadovno village is situated on Lika's side of Velebit mountain and this is a good access point to Velebit mountain. Štirovača valley and rain forest is situated at elevation of about 1100 meters over the sea level. The route can be combined with Jadovno - Baške Oštarije, Šatorina, Jadovno - Smiljan, Pazarište - Štirovača and Baške Oštarije - Kuga Hut routes. GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for the safe and fast navigation.
Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Gospić, from the highway Gospić - Karlobag turn right to Jadovno village. It takes around 20-25 minutes from Gospić by car. HTML clipboard

Description of MTB route

The carriageway section
The carriageway section
The starting point of the route is Jadovno village. From the center of the village turn right and proceed on the unpaved road along Jadovno valley. At the end of the valley climb in few turns and than turn left on the rocky carriageway. The carriageway leads to the north west course. At the next junctions first turn left and after about 600 hundred meters turn right and proceed to the north course. The gradually ascent leads along the forest. Keep straight for next 10km than turn right, pass the ramp and turn left after the ramp. Keep the ride on the carriageway. After about 5.3km turn right and than after apout 900 meters keep left. After about 4.4km keep right and the carriageway ends at the junction with unpaved road coming from Pazarište. Turn left at the junction. After about 1km the unpaved road turns into the paved road. The descent leads to the Štirovača valley. At the labeled junction turn right and proceed straight to the spring of the water in Štirovača valley. From the spring of the water ride back to the last labeled junction. Keep straight and proceed to Kuga Hut. From Kuga Hut keep straight again and the unpaved roads leads to the sout course near Kukovi region and Bačića Kuk cliffs. After the short descent keep left and than right at next 2 junctions. Than keep straight on the long section that leads back to Jadovno village.
Notes & references

The route is recommended during late Spring, Summer and Fall.  The route is not labeled. GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for the safe and fast navigation.

Velebit mountain weather report link: Velebit, Jadovno weather station.

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