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Tjentište - Zelengora

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The lake Orlovačko Jezero

Area name: Zelengora mountain
Country: BH
Date of the ride: 05-Sep-2008
Length (km): 51.5
Elevation gain (m): 1410
Technical difficulty: ●●


Vrbnica village
Vrbnica village
Tjentište - Zelengora MTB trail is situated in the east area of BH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on Zelengora mountain. This is the point to point route from Tjentište village to 2 lakes named Orlovačko Jezero and Jugovo Jezero. Tjentište is the village and the centre of National Park Sutjeska. Zelengora is one of the most beautiful mountains of BH. There are many lakes on Zelengora plateau and most of them are hidden between peaks.  For comeback I rode on the same trail and the total length is 103 km.  Before the ride read carefully the navigation details. The route can be combined with Čemerno - ZelengoraMratinje - Tjentište (Maglić) or  Tjentište - Donje Bare routes.

Getting there: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo,  Foča, Tjentište village or coming from Croatia follow the direction Dubrovnik, Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko, Čemerno, Tjentište village.

Description of MTB route

The last section on the road to the lakes
The last section before lakes
The starting point of MTB route is the crossroad near the hotel and National Park Sutjeska centre in Tjentište village. From the crossroad proceed to Foča. About 7 km from Tjentište turn sharp left on unpaved road on this crossroad. Proceed straight for Vrbnica village.  At this crossroad keep left than right. Proceed to the long section along the forest and keep left at this crossroad. Pass the short bridge, keep left and there is Vrbnica village. Proceed along the village on the unpaved road to the west course. At the end of the village the unpaved road turns into carriageway. Proceed on the carriageway and turn sharp right on the next crossroad. The carriageway proceeds to Pašina Poljana valley. Just before the valley the ascent ends and on the crossroad keep right for Pašina Poljana valley. There is a hut on the valley. Proceed on the carriageway along the valley, pass the valley and than follows the descent to Palež valley. On next 3 crosses: turn left, keep left & keep left again. Proceed along the Palež valley and follow the carriageway along the stream. At the end of the valley there is the container. 30 meters after the
Blueberries near lake Orlovačko Jezero
container turn right, proceed to hike with the bike on the forest's steep carriageway. It takes around 15 minutes to hike to the cross with the carriageway Kalinovik - Čemerno. Turn left on the carriageway and proceed to ride to the south course. Keep right on the next crossroad. After about 4 km turn left for lake Orlovačko Jezero or turn right and proceed 1 km and turn right again for lake Jugovo Jezero. For more details check  interactive map and Photo Gallery of the route.

Notes & references

The route is recommended during Summer or Fall.


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