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MTB mountain biking and hiking routes on
The Island of Brač
Brač Island is the ideal destination for MTB mountain biking and hiking. Visit Vidova Gora, the highest elevation point between all Adriatic Islands with the beautiful view on all Dalmatian islands. All terrain is dry and rocky and suitable for ride and hiking during all seasons. Near the coast and inland there are very interesting heritage including many secrets. Be sure the story about Blaca monastery hidden deep in the hillside will touch your mind. There are many trails and sightseeing points in the inland of Brač and this is the challenge to any adventurer. The Map of Brač Island and below listed MTB & hiking routes can help you to discover the beauty of Brač Island.  

Below are active tables with sortable function. Click on any header of below columns to sort the routes in ascending or descending order
Last entered route has the highest ID No (the identification number of the route)
MTB cycling route link
Gain (m)
10 Bol - Vidova Gora 32.4 1100 ●●●
11 Sumartin 16.1 320
21 Povlja 16.3 450 ●●
24 Blaca 43.3 1200 ●●●
42 Selca - Kastil 15.1 340
52 Sveti Duh - Bol 9.0 180 ●●
60 Bol - Smokovje 16.5 430 ●●
71 Sutivan - Lozisca 21.7 500 ●●
72 Supetar - Vidova Gora 52.8 1280 ●●
74 Milna - Vidova Gora 21.0 850 ●●
75 Nerežišća - Milna 15.7 310 ●●●●
77 Pučišća - Gornji Humac 22.3 640 ●●
78 Postira - Vidova Gora 44.9 1160 ●●
79 Sumartin - Vidova Gora 34.8 1030 ●●
Examples of hiking routes (download GPS tracklog - kml file)
H1 Bol - Vidova Gora 5.2
H2 Murvica - Zmajeva pećina (Dragon Cave)
H3 Nerežišća - Blaca
H4 Farska - Blaca
H5 Sumartin - Planik


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 April 2011 07:55 )  


#1 Vladimir 2011-05-30 08:31
Hello, I would like to bike two days around island Brač. My starting and target point will be Sumartin. Because in late juni or early july will be hot, I suppose, that 80 km a day will be for me a maximum. Please, could you recommend me, which routes or sections I would not miss? Are there some longer sections, which can not or very difficult to ascent and in which direction?
#2 Miroslav 2011-05-30 12:44
Starting from Sumartin consider the routes:

1. Sumartin - Vidova Gora

2. Povlja

3. Sumartin

Check the elevation profile of the each route. For the first one, GPS is very important! You can combine the routes.
#3 Vladimir 2011-05-31 10:25
Thanks for your tips, but as I wrote, two days I would like to bike on island Brač. I can't ride all your routes, but I would like to combine some of these or their parts and I will ride around the whole island. The first day I will ride on the northern part of island, direction Sumartin - Pučišća - Postira - (Škrip), (Supetar) - Sutivan. The second day I will ride on the southern oart of island, direction Sutivan - Ložišća - Milna - Vidova Gora - Bol - Sumartin. Does anybody have any tips, advices, recommendations for me? Thanks a lot.
#4 Miroslav 2011-05-31 14:10
1. The section Bol - Murvica - Farska - Obršje - Vidova Gora is very nice and easy to ride!

2. Missing Blaca :(. From my point of view Blaca is no. 1 place to visit on Brac. Avoid Monday because Blaca is closed!
#5 marija@dalmatiaholidayrentals.com 2012-11-19 18:09

I would like to ask you if we purchase this map that you have advertised, would we have then definitely all the bike routes and walking routes written on the map? Also we would be interested in all maps you have specially Milna area.

Thank you in advance.

#6 Miroslav 2012-11-19 18:29
The map was published and updated in 2009. All above MTB & hiking routes are included in the map. In the mean time some very short and limited sections of the roads has been built and renewed. The map covers Milna area too . The sample of the map can be seen in TZ Supetar. Hope it helps. Regards!
#7 zsuri 2013-07-16 13:25

I am going to spend next week on Brac (Supetar) with my family. I am mountain biker, however I like biking on paved roads with my road bike too. Of course I prefer mountain bikes however at >30C degrees on a naked (without forests) rocky land perhaps it is a better choice to take the road bike (having speed for cooling). But I don’t know Brac and I don’t know what is the wether in July and particularly next week. What kind of bike do you recommend for summer on Brac?
#8 Miroslav 2013-07-16 13:48
Count with 30-35C. Ride in the morning and late afternoon and during the day spend the time with the family. Due to limited paved roads I would take MTB. Hope it helps.
#9 zsuri 2013-07-16 16:10
Thank you.

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