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Sumartin - Vidova Gora

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On the peak of Vidova Gora

Area name: Island Brač
Date of the ride: 30-Jan-2009
Length (km): 34.8
Elevation gain (m): 1030
Technical difficulty: ●●


Sveti Mihovil chapel near Gornji Humac
Sveti Mihovil chapel

The mountain bike route Sumartin - Vidova Gora is situated on the east side of Brač Island. This is point to point route along the east side of the ridge of Brač Island. All the trail is dry and rocky. There are many crosses on the trail and GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for fast and easy navigation. The route can be combined with the most of the routes on the Brač Island.



Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Split, Island Brač, Sumartin.

Description of MTB route

The section along Vidova Gora forest
Vidova Gora forest

On the trail there are many junctions and GPS unit with the uploaded route is highly recommended. The starting point of the route is Sumartin port. From Sumartin proceed to Selca direction and on the crossroad turn left to Puntinak area.  Pass the petrol station and keep right on the next crossroad. At the next crossroad near the electric power station turn right on the steep ascent. At the end of ascent the paved road turns into unpaved road. Keep the west course on the unpaved road. Turn left near Kaštil and proceed on the carriageway to Osridke village. From Osridke proceed to Smrčevik village on the paved road. Just before Smrčevik turn right and proceed on the carriageway to Gornji Humac direction. At the cross with paved road turn right and on the next crossroad turn left and proceed on the carriageway. Pass near the Svi Sveti chapel and keep left on the next crossroad. At the junction turn right on the rocky singletrack to the west course. The singletrack ends with the junction. Keep left on the rocky carriageway to the south west course. Near this section there is Sveti Mihovil chapel. At the cross with the highway turn left and after few hundred meters turn right on the steep and rocky ascent to Sveti Duh chapel. From the chapel descent near Brač Airport. Pass near the house and keep left on the rocky singletrack. Follow the north course until you reach the carriageway coming from the airport area. Turn left on the carriageway and proceed to Vidova Gora. Pass the area named Borova Glava and on the crossroad with the unpaved road turn left and proceed to the west course. Pass near Trolokve and Duboki Dolac and at the next crossroad turn left on the paved road to Vidova Gora.



Notes & references

The Map of Brač

UST tires with the sealant are recommended. GPS unit with the uploaded route is recommended. The best time for ride is during Winter, Spring or Fall.

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