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Durmitor Circular MTB route

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The view on Durmitor mountain from the trail

Area name: Durmitor mountain
Country: MNE
Date of the ride: 01-Aug-2008
Length (km): 89.6*
Elevation gain (m): 2050*
Technical difficulty:

*including short hiking section without bike to Ćurevac sightseeing point



The carriageway section
The carriageway section
Durmitor Circular MTB route is situated in Montenegro on Durmitor mountain. The navigation is easy and most of the crossroads are labeled. I included the short hiking section to the Ćurevac sightseeing point of well know Tara canyon which is the longest canyon in the Europe. This round trail will give you good overview of Durmitor mountain with many nice landscapes. The route is fast and easy because most of the sections are placed on the paved road. The steep descent and ascent to the canyon of Sušica river is the most difficult section of the route. During the dry summer time there is no stream in the canyon. The route can be combined with Crno Jezero trail.
Getting there: Europe, Montenegro, Podgorica, Nikšić, Šavnik, Žabljak or Podgorica, Nikšić, Plužine, Trsa, Žabljak. For the last one before the trip check the snow conditions on the saddles between Trsa and Žabljak.

Description of MTB route

The view on the area Crvena Greda from the section near Štuoc summit
The view from Štuoc section
The starting point of the mountain bike route is the main crossroad in the Žabljak city. Turn for Mojkovac and after about 240 meters on the next crossroad turn left on the paved road. After about 350 meters turn right and in the next turn climb to the village.  The next crossroad is the nice sightseeing point of Durmitor mountain.  Keep right and proceed along the forest. On the next crossroad turn right and proceed for about 3.2 km to visit Ćurevac. Leave the bike in the forest and turn right and hike on the labeled hiking path for Ćurevac sightseeing point. It takes about 20 minutes for Ćurevac. From Ćurevac hike back to the paved road and ride back to the last crossroad. Turn right on the paved road for Sušica canyon. Follow the long ascent section near the Štuoc summit and then follows the long descent. In the village keep left on the first crossroad. The paved road turns into carriageway and then proceed to the south to the edge of Sušica canyon. Follow the rocky carriageway with the steep descent. The Sušica Hut
Stožina peak and the lake named Valovito Jezero
Valovito Jezero and Stožina
isin the Sušica canyon. From Sušica canyon follows the steep ascent on the rocky carriageway to the other side of the canyon. In Nedajno village the carriageway turns into paved roadagain. All the next sections are placed on the paved road. Keep right in Nedajno village. On the next crossroad turn sharp left and proceed for Trsa village. On the main crossroad near Trsa village turn left and than after 150 meters turn right to Pišče village. From  Pišče village follows the longascent to the first saddle before Todorov Do valley. The paved road passes near the Prutaš summit and than follows the next ascent to the last saddle near Sedlena Greda summit. From the saddle follows the long descent to Žabljak near the lake Valovito Jezero and Stožina peak. There is the spring of water Studenac on the right side of the paved road. At the last crossroad keep left and proceed straight to Žabljak city.  For more details check Interactive Map and Photo Gallery of the route.
The canyon of Sušica river
Sušica canyon

Notes & references

The route is recommended during summer and fall. According to The National Park Durmitor data there is no red tape for any MTB ride on the hiking trails. The entrance fee for The National Park Durmitor is 2.0 Euro/person.

The outdated TK25 topo maps of Montenegro are available here. For above route download the maps Zabljak.jpg, Durmitor sjever.jpg, Durmitor jug.jpg, Bezuje.jpg and Pivska planina jug.jpg. If you have OziExplorer program the related calibration map files are available on the mentioned link too.


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