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Sveti Duh - Bol

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The ride on Mala Staza singletrack

Area name: Island Brač
Date of the ride: 07-Jun-2008
Length (km): 9.0
Elevation gain (m): 180
Technical difficulty: ●●●●


Sveti Duh chapel
Sveti Duh chapel
The trail Sveti Duh - Bol is dry and rocky trail situated in the south area of Brač island. The starting point is near the highway from Bol city to Gornji Humac village. Sveti Duh chapel is situated at the highest point of the trail at the elevation of 620 meters over the sea level. During summer is very hot so I suggest to plan the route for winter, spring or fall. The route can be combined with Bol - Smokovje route. The route is technically demanding one!

Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Split, Island Brač, the junction on the highway from Bol city to Gornji Humac village.

Description of MTB route

The detail on Mala Staza singletrack
The path named
Mala Staza
The starting point of the mountain bike route is the junction on the highway from Bol city to Gornji Humac village. Coming from Bol after around 9 km turn left on the rocky carriageway to the west course. Pass the gate for the cattle and proceed on the steep ascent to Sveti Duhchapel. From Sveti Duh chapel proceed to the west and after few hundred meters starts the descent. The carriageway follows to the plateau near Brač airport. Pass the gate and proceed near the house and the cot. On the crossroad turn left and proceed on the rocky trail near the house and stone wall. Pass the gate for the cattle and you will reach the plateau. Proceed at the south west side of the plateau. Pass the gate and there is the starting point of the single track named Mala Staza. Follows the steep downhill section with few turns. The trail is very rocky and some sections are ruined. After few turns the trail proceeds to the west and on some sections you will have to hike on with the bike. From the trail you can get the nice view at the south coast of Brač island. Near the end of the trail there is the crossroad with the trail coming from Vidova Gora. Proceed on the south and after few hundred meters you will reach the paved road for Bol city. For more details check Interactive Map and Photo Gallery of the route.


Notes & references

UST tires with sealant are recommended. During summer is very hot so I suggest to plan the route for winter, spring or fall.



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#1 Mate 2013-02-27 21:13
Here is the video of this route, fromSveti Duha to city of Bol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjkvpEYp9I4&list=UUoKh_JwPf3OUn0iH1M5R9cg&index=1 . This DH section is really tehnical demanding so be prepared. We rode this 17.02. 2013. and weather was great.
#2 Miroslav 2013-02-28 17:42
Thanks for the video of the trail.

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