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Porozina - Beli

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The section Dragozetići - Niska

Area name: The Island of Cres
Date of the ride: 13-Mar-2010
Length (km): 21.8
Elevation gain (m): 500
Technical difficulty:  



The singletrack section
The singletrack section
The mountain bike route Porozina - Beli is situated in the north region of The Island of Cres. The route leads from the west to the east coast. The route is fast & easy and mostly placed on the dry and rocky unpaved road. The highest elevation point of the route is at about 450 meters over the sea level. The end point of the route is the beach near Beli. The route can be combined with The peak of Island of Cres route.
Getting there: Europe, Croatia, Istria, Brestova, Island of Cres, Porozina.

Description of MTB route

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The starting point of the mountain bike route is in Porozina port. From Porozina proceed on the paved road to Cres town. After about 5.20km turn right on the rocky singletrack to Dragozetići village. From Dragozetići ascend to the highway Porozina -  Cres and after about 3.20km turn left on this junction to
The beach near  Beli
The beach near Beli
the unpaved road. Keep the ride on the unpaved road. The section leads to the north course and passes the ridge of The Island of Cres. The highest elevation point is at about 450 metars over the sea level. From the saddle the descent leads to Niska village. Proceed near the village and at the next crossroad turn right and than keep right again at the next junction. After about 1.20km from the last junction, at the left side of the unpaved road there is Sv Ivan chapel.  From the chapel ride back to the last junction and than turn right and descend to Beli. Keep the ride on the unpaved road and turn sharp right at the next junction. The descent leads straight to Beli. In Beli turn left and descend to the beach.
Notes & references

The route is recommended during all seasons. GPS unit with uploaded route is recommended for safe and fast navigation.



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